September 2023

Be sure to bookmark for quick access to Maker Box reveal posts. is a digital catalog of filament from around the globe, curated with the purpose of helping people find the perfect colors for their project. We print and photograph every filament under the same conditions, allowing users to compare different colors directly. We also measure the color and report this as a hex color, and use that to calculate complementary colors, similar filaments, and even similar colors in other materials to help users perfectly plan their projects. We’re a hobby project and always growing through filament donations and partnerships, so keep checking back to find your favorite filaments!


  • Scooby Snacks
  • Trading Cards

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Subscriber @tsiolkovsky created a neat trading card holder for the top of the printer to hold the card for the sample you're printing with!
Download Card Holder

Those looking for a sample spooler, MadMonkey designed this one and it's been my favorite so far

DSK has also made a sample spool specifically to fit the samples from the new machine:



Feeler Gauge Set

While I've only ever used the paper method for leveling my beds, I've seen comments throughout the years about using feeler gauges... so I figured we could try them out together!

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+Nano version of the Maker Box received an ESP32-WROOM


I feel the need, the need for speed!

What interested me the most about this project was working with a laser and receiver. The videos show that it's as accurate as a device you could buy in the store. Theoretically you could measure the speed of your printer carriage, or play around with measuring the speeds of other things. While not practical in 3D printing, I think this is the first laser project.

I've modified the files below to fit the ESP boards that I provide, as well as provided enough space so you can use the female jumper wires on all of the pins instead of removing the pins as the original project calls for. The only soldering required is for the power button. The pinout is written out in the top of the code file for the ESP board. I'll try to figure out the fritzing program DSK uses to display a better pinout.

Original files and instructions
Remixed Files for Alien3D Project
ESP Board Code
Assembly Instructions PDF

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