Projects & Accessories

Add electronics & tools to your Maker Box!

What are Projects & Accessories?

Projects each month will include electronics or other items that you will use with 3D printing. For example, an air quality droid by Bugman_140 includes a air quality sensor, speaker, MP3 Player module with SD card reader, SD Card, SG90 Servo - and then you 3D print the body and assemble it. For ERRF 2022 I customized it to play robot sounds and randomly moved.

The accessory you receive each month can be 3D printing related - such as a stepper motor, build plate spatula, coupon for a free hardened steel nozzle - or helpful for electronics building - such as a wire stripper, magnetic silicone mat, or table clamps.

Due to the costs of micro-controllers - they are not included by default with the project & accessory addon, so there is an additional option to have a micro-controller sent to you each month whether the project requires one or not. This is to be able to provide as many non-micro-controller components as possible for the projects.