Maker Box – Everything Plan

From: $30.00 / month

  • 4 x 16 meter Filament Samples, different colors, from the same brand
    • PLA or typical PLA settings filament not requiring special nozzles, enclosures or heated bed
  • 4 x 16 meter Filament Samples, different types, from different brands
    • Filament may be any filament other than PLA. Examples: PETG, ABS, Metal Filled, etc
    • May require special nozzle, enclosure, and heated bed
  • Ships the last Tuesday of the month
  • Trading Cards with Filament specifications and Brand information

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Project & Accessory Addon will add that month’s project & accessory – the projects are unique each month and the accessories are 3D printing or electronics related. Projects WILL NOT come with a micro-controller such as an Arduino Nano even if the project requires one in order to maximize the amount of non-micro-controller components.

+Nano version will add whichever micro-controller may be needed for that month’s project and only covers the cost of including it. If a project does not require a micro-controller, one will still be provided to you.

If you are already a UFO subscriber, projects will be the same as in the UFO for that month – so no need to add the Project & Accessory option.