November 2023

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  • Assorted M&Ms
  • Trading Cards

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Subscriber @tsiolkovsky created a neat trading card holder for the top of the printer to hold the card for the sample you're printing with!
Download Card Holder


25 in 1 Mini Driver Set with Case

I've been in the need lately of some small screw drivers and I kept losing the tiny ones I had. I know I've done a mini driver previously, but this one comes with a lot more heads =P
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+Nano version of the Maker Box received an ESP32-WROOM

Christmas Ornament Scenes

I've been catching some heat from some of y'all lately because projects recently have been pretty heavy with soldering, so I thought I'd do a couple months of easy to do and fun projects!

I saw BV3D do a video on Halloween Tea Light Scenes, so I tracked down the designer and saw that they also had Christmas themed ones. I wanted to do something a little different though, so I removed the stand, added a hole in the back, removed the tea light hole, added a part to hang it, and turned it into an Ornament that can be hung!

UFOs came with 5 x 8 in 1 Sticky Coasters to make 5 ornaments. Be sure to remove the battery slip so the devices will function, then you can swap between the 7 solid colors or a flashing cycle by pressing the button to turn it on and off. Each time you turn it on it switches to the next mode.

Peel the 3M sticky cover and stick it to the back of the ornament case with the batteries and LEDs facing inside the ornament.

Alien3D remix link contains the case only, I like for people to get the other parts from the original designer so that they can get likes and download credits, so the original design is also linked to below.

Files by JamesThePrinter
Alien3D Ornament Remix


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