February 2023

New sample machine is here, so far it's working great! Boxes "should" be able to make it by the last Tuesday of the month again. =)


I had polls up for a few months and most people either didn't care, or would rather have different brands for each sample in the Easy Boxes. So future months will more than likely have different brands for each of the Easy Box samples just like the Explorer box. There are multiple reasons for this besides the voting results. 1) Some of the smaller brands don't have the stock to handle as many rolls of filament as I need to order, so with doing 4 colors of the same brand then some brands get left out. I'd rather not leave out brands like that. 2) My belief for the sample side of the boxes has always been to introduce multiple filaments/colors/brands for subscribers to try out. If you're getting 1 brand, then aren't they are essentially the same but different colors? Wouldn't you like to try out more than 1 brand a month? 3) Some brands don't have a lot of colors. VO3D for example, their filament is great, but they have like 8 colors. So I'd be able to include them in 2 months and then never again... I'd like to be able to have them in 8 different boxes to be able to get their name out there more often than twice. If someone subscribes after the months they were included in, then that new subscriber may never know about them.

If anyone has any feedback on this, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email or DM on social media. =)


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  • Lemonheads
  • Trading Cards
  • Random Brand Sticker

Please login to view codes if you received this months UFO.

Subscriber @tsiolkovsky created a neat trading card holder for the top of the printer to hold the card for the sample you're printing with!
Download Card Holder



PETG Pro - Hot Pink

Visit Atomic Filament

Keen Village Plastics

HIPS - Natural

Visit Keen Village Plastics

Braskem 3D

Polyethylene - White

Visit Braskem 3D


Polycarbonate - Red

Visit Snolabs


Mini Prybar Set

Supports - I loathe them with a passion! I thought this set might be helpful in cleaning them out of those hard to get places where supports tend to find themselves being the biggest PITA to remove =P I'm sure they're good for other things as well =)

Check Out on Amazon


+Nano version of the Maker Box received an Arduino Nano

Mini Robot Arm

Some of you may remember when I did a water/hydraulic robot arm a few years ago. I've been wanting to do an electronic version. A couple different ones I found, both weren't... complete? Eh, they were a bit of a mess lol. So I put Nando on the case! He redesigned all of the models, did the code and... magic!

UFO Kit Contains:

  • 4 x SG90 Motors
  • 2 x Joysticks
  • 10 x Wires
  • Variety of nuts and bolts
Get files and instructions at Printables

Comments 3

  1. So this is my first electronics project. I am struggling with the instructions regarding the wiring. I am wondering if anyone who has completed this would be willing to help with some pictures of their wiring. Specifically the connections of each of the micro servos to red and black.

    1. Post

      Heya Teresa – so the Brown on the motors are Ground, and the red is Power, the Orange is signal that goes to the control board. If you got the ESP board in your box (I think all of the +Nano maker boxes did) you should be able to connect all of the ground wires to the GND on the control board and all of the power wires to the VIN. If you need more assistance for that, I can get you some more pictures. Also https://www.youtube.com/@Shenanigans3D will be putting out a build video and some troubleshooting information soon. He’s also working on maybe doing some code updates.

      1. Thank You so much! That helps. Just to clarify did you cut the ends of the wires and (brown & red) and solder them together so only one of each color connects to the board? or is there a connector I can get for that? Also, I got the esp board but can’t figure out which board to select in Arduino to get it to communicate. – Sorry really a noob.

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