Alien3D and Maker Box Announce Partnership

Alien3D and Maker Box announce partnership.

Starting in November 2022, Alien3D and Maker Box will be joining forces!

Maker Box was founded in 2016 and has shipped over 48,000 sample boxes over the years. While Alien3D, having started a couple years later in 2018, focused more on combining 3D printing with electronics for STEM kits. Both companies have been a force of their own, BUT WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED!!!!… We are excited to see where we will be able to grow things in the coming years.

All operations will be moved to Alien3D’s facility in Florida. Josh at Alien3D will be partnering with Matt from Box Mountain to select filaments for the Maker Box Explorer plan each month. Josh will continue to select all content for the UFO and projects and will also begin selecting content for the Maker Box Easy plan.

Benefits of this new partnership:

  • Continued high quality content selection for all products.
  • Improved focus on sharing featured filaments from past months
  • Improved focus on providing members with discounts on featured filaments
  • Future plans to allow subscribers to combine what they like from Maker Box and Alien3D. For example, you can add a project to your explorer box or bundle your UFO with the easy plan for more filament each month
  • This new relationship will help us to launch new customer requested offerings such as potentially bringing back the Maker Box PETG plan

Changes for subscribers:

  • Nothing right now. Subscribers who have their subscription to Maker Box at Box Mountain can leave it there, or move it to at their choosing. Subscribers who have their subscription at Alien3D will stay there. Bundling options that are coming soon will only be available at the Alien3D Maker Box website. Eventually there may be some transitioning, but it shouldn’t affect anyone who wishes to stay using the current website.

What you can look forward to from Alien3D:

From Josh: I’m not going to lie, this is going to take some getting used to for me. Matt will thankfully be helping me to plan out the Explorer portions of the Maker Boxes, which will also be introducing me to new filaments that I’ve never worked with before. The amount of samples I’ll be making each month is going to drastically increase and I’ll be figuring out the timing for that. Though I am in talks with a couple companies for acquiring a professional grade automatic sampling and bundling machine, so samples should never be an issue once that is up and running. For those who know me from the UFO and the delays I’ve experienced with those, 90% of delays are from project and accessory delivery which will have no effect on Maker Boxes. I do ask for a little patience the first couple of months while I find my groove.

I do have plans that will benefit all Maker Box and UFO subscriptions, such as bundling as mentioned earlier, as well as offering exclusive models from designers, additional bonus items, and whatever I can get my hands on. Who knows… maybe the Maker Box will get its own Mothership winner every month as well!

I look forward to working with all of you, and as always – if you ever have any feedback, questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on social media accounts for either Maker Box or Alien3D.

Thank you!

Josh ~Alien3D
Matt ~Box Mountain

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